Yakanarra stories launched at National Library of Australia

Yakanarra stories launched at National Library of Australia

Two books in Walmajarri and English, written and illustrated by the students of Yakanarra Community School, will be launched at the National Library of Australia on Monday 16 September.

A Yakanarra Day and The Yakanarra Dogs were created during workshops run in 2012 by ILF Ambassador Alison Lester and Jane Godwin with sponsorship from the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia.

They were translated this year into Walmajarri by two language teachers, Jessie Moora and Mary Vanbee who teach at Yakanarra Community School.  

Senior students wrote A Yakanarra Day - Wangki Yakanarrajangka, a beautiful book which captures the countryside, river and fishing and daily life from daybreak to darktime.

Junior students wrote The Yakanarra Dogs - Yakanarrajangka Kunyarrwarnti. Both books reflect the beautiful small community located in the foothills of the St George Ranges between the Fitzroy River and the Great Sandy Desert, in Central Kimberley, Western Australia.

Published with the sponsorship of  the Copyright Agency Limited Cultural Fund, the launch will feature guest speakers Alison Lester, Helen Unwin (Principal at Yakanarra Community School), Mary and Jessie. The students, introduced by Jamie Lee Cox, will read and perform a song.


Read Alisons account of her Yakanarra visit.




These books have been produced with a generous grant from Copyright Agency Limited Cultural Fund. Copies can be purchased through our Foundation.


  • Posted 09 September, 2013

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