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Our programs aren’t possible without a regular sustainable income to let us plan and deliver our programs to over 424 remote Communities. We need your regular support. Just $10 allows us to gift one culturally relevant book into the hands of a child in a remote Community.

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Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a simple, convenient and effective way to make regular donations to our Foundation from your pre‑tax salary, which reduces the amount of income tax deducted from your pay. You will receive the tax benefit straight away rather than having to wait until the end of the financial year.

Benefits of workplace giving

  • You don’t need to collect donation receipts. Donations are recorded on your payslip and your total donation amount will be included in your annual PAYG payment summary.

  • Workplace giving is organised through your payroll office so you don’t have to worry about any administration.

  • Your donation is pre‑tax so it will actually cost you less than the amount we will receive from your payroll office ‑ see below.

  • If your employer has a matched giving program, your workplace giving donation could be doubled!

Learn more by using the Donation Tax Calculator.

Please contact us if you are interested in workplace giving or would like more information. 

Learn more about the importance of workplace giving in the video below.

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