When the Flood Came to Cherbourg

When the Flood Came to Cherbourg

Volunteering Queensland Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Natural Disaster Resilience Project continues to educate children in remote locations in QLD, helping them to understand disasters and the importance of being prepared and staying safe. To add to their series of books about building community resilience to disasters, When the Flood Came to Cherbourg is a story inspired by workshops with the children of Cherbourg State School.

The story not only teaches children what do in the event of a flood, it gives an insight into the community at Cherbourg. It tells of children who ride bikes, swim and play footy together, who love to learn about thier culture and who support each other when times are tough. The book is dedicated to Berlene Faye Murray. The book was launched in Cherbourg on Friday 31 May.


“Thanks heaps for the support. Literacy is the key to the success of our kids and your support helps to make that a reality – no matter how long it takes.”  Peter Sansby, Principal – Cherbourg State School


When the Flood Came to Cherbourg was created thanks to a collaborative partnership between Volunteering QLD, Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council and Cherbourg State School. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation published the book and has provided copies to be given out to the community at the launch. The Foundation’s Founder Suzy Wilson and Coordinator Emily Wiech will be travelling to Cherbourg to participate in the exciting celebrations.



  • Posted 28 May, 2013

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