ILF Statement on the Voice to Parliament


The Indigenous Literacy Foundation acknowledges and supports the wisdom, strength and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and believes that they are the experts in all areas of their lives.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation's work endorses and reinforces Community‑led processes and Indigenous Governance as they are critical to achieving positive and sustainable educational and employment outcomes. These principles inform our core values.


We believe an Indigenous Voice to Parliament is a significant starting point for a greater future for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples. An Indigenous Voice to Parliament presents an opportunity for future generations to create the best model to continue the work of their Elders in generating positive, meaningful change for the generations to come.


Our staff reflect the strength and diversity of views of Community and we understand and respect that not everyone will agree with our support of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.


We encourage all Australians to continue to listen carefully, to speak respectfully and be fully informed about how you will answer the question in the upcoming Referendum.


The ILF understands that as an organisation it has no ability to vote, and so we will continue to focus on our work in literacy and publishing with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities.


The Indigenous Literacy Foundation does not accept Government funding and stays independent of Government.


Aurora Education Foundation, GO Foundation, and Indigenous Literacy Foundation 
support a Voice to Parliament

The Aurora Education Foundation, GO Foundation, and Indigenous Literacy Foundation are empowering learning through culture for thousands of First Nations children, students, and professionals. 

We see first‑hand how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities are committed to learning, to community and to leadership in ways that are creating new stories and new pathways for Indigenous success. 

We stand together to support the Voice to Parliament. This is a positive and meaningful change to build on a strong foundation and start something even greater – to create a better system where First Nations people can thrive in whatever path they choose. 

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