Tess Woods at Sacred Heart College Book Club

Tess Woods at Sacred Heart College Book Club

HarperCollins author Tess Woods was the driver behind a great fundraiser at her child’s school in Sorrento Western Australia. The inaugural SacredHeart College Book Club was celebrated on October 23. To quote the college’s newsletter; “It was wonderful to be part of a relaxed, friendly community that came together to listen to the very talented, warm and engaging Tess. In her humorous and affable manner Tess entertained us with stories about the writing process and her first novel ‘Love at First Flight’. The audience was in awe of Tess as she described the at times difficult journeyto novel publication.”

The whole night raised $3400 for the ILF, there were raffles and champagne, and the students did a wonderful job of promoting and supporting a ‘Great Book Swap’, “which generated lots of interest and delight as people gathered their summer reading material”.

Involving authors in any fundraising for the ILF makes perfect sense. They intrinsically understand the importance of literacy. We thank Tess for her support. Any other authors wanting to raise funds for our communities should contact our Marketing Coordinator, wendy@ilf.org.au

  • Posted 13 November, 2015

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