ILF's Commitment after the Referendum

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) acknowledges the recent referendum result, which is shaping the next chapter of Australia's journey. We would like to thank all the supporters who listened to First Nations Communities and voted 'Yes' in support of their collective aspirations. While the outcome was not the 'Yes' we had hoped for, it has cast a spotlight on the critical importance of our work, our enduring dedication to supporting Community literacy aspirations, and our independence from government funding and political agendas.

The ILF wants to make it clear that this referendum's result will not diminish our commitment. We remain steadfast in our mission to create a better future for our generation and those that follow. We firmly believe that ‘reading opens doors’, and that our efforts to support Community literacy aspirations are fundamental to achieving self‑determination for First Peoples and a future with boundless opportunities.

We pledge to continue our partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, providing unwavering support to help them thrive in their literacy journeys. We will persist in our advocacy for Community‑led processes and the establishment of literacy and learning environments that honour culture and identity.

Although there may not be a Voice to Parliament, the ILF's extensive experience has taught us the value of listening to the Communities that choose to work with us. Indigenous Peoples are the experts in determining what is best for them, and we have always respected and upheld their wisdom.

The ILF encourages ongoing support for Indigenous Peoples and Communities. 

Below is a list of opportunities to connect with these Communities and organisations:


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