Reconciliation Week: Celebrating many voices, histories and stories

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Reconciliation is at the heart of our future and this week, we're celebrating our many voices, histories and stories. 

Last month, we ran a ticket giveaway with the Sydney Writers Festival. The winner receieved a double pass to The Empty Pram: Stories of the Stolen Generation, an event where three adopted Aboriginal women, Alexis West, Celestine Rowe and Ali Cobby Eckermann, voiced their journey of removal from family, and their recovery through poetry and performance.

Therese McCarthy, winner of our giveaway shares the points that struck her most from the event. The Empty Pram was certainly one of the most poignant and moving events at the festival. 

“The most important thing that hit me in the chest, and still brings tears to my eyes, is when I heard Ali say she met her mother when she was 35 years old! The fact that anyone would be forced into a situation of growing up without their parents just because the are a different colour makes me ashamed.

I feel honoured that these three beautiful, strong women shared their stories with me. I found the format of poetry and open conversation engaging. It made what the women had to say very person and thereby put their stories into a context that forced the audience to reflect on a past that has to be acknowledged and addressed.”

  • Posted 30 April, 2016