Reading Roald Dahl

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

"Lila, newly 6, trying out Roald Dahl in the WH Smith Bookstore, Paris. You can hear the self-correction, and sounding out of the words. It really was a point of fluidity for her. She's now read a bunch of Roald Dahl's, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Narnia series and thanks to a care package from Ambassador Andy Griffiths - 3 of his great books! Because of her early reading and love of learning - she has picked up French so fast and has begun reading in French, albeit with some difficulty, but with interest and passion: truly with a love of learning. Instilling the love of reading in children doesn't just increase their vocabulary i.e: "lavatory" - it equips them with confidence and pride, and what better gift to pass on to our children? Please donate to Indigenous Literacy Foundation and share this video. Thank you so much for supporting the great work of ILF. In love and peace"

Tara June Winch, 2012

  • Posted 04 September, 2012