Xavier College’s Synergy Aboriginal Art Exhibition raises $8,060 for the ILF

Xavier College’s Synergy Aboriginal Art Exhibition raises $8,060 for the ILF

Xavier College, in collaboration with Everywhen Artspace, runs a yearly Aboriginal Art fundraiser that donates 20% of profits to an Indigenous charity. 

In past years, they have donated to the Elizabeth Morgan House Aboriginal Women’s Service, Culture is Life and Purple House.

This year’s exhibition, Synergy, raised $8,060 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF).

Usually, they use their school’s gallery space in the performing arts centre to host this highly anticipated event. 

However, this year’s exhibition was scheduled to be held during the state’s lockdown, which posed some challenges. But they didn’t let this stop them from hosting it. 

Xavier Art Curator, Maria, found that people still had a big interest in the event, and plans were made to hold the exhibition online. 

In fact, this year they raised more money for a charity than any other year!

“It was so lucky we’d just launched a new website that showcased the art really well!” says Susan McCulloch from Everywhen Artspace.

The school and Everywhen Artspace decided to support the ILF this year. Maria tells us that she understands how education and literacy can make a difference, and appreciated how the ILF’s transparency regarding how their funds are spent.

The team from the school and Everywhen Artspace that organised the event were incredibly happy with the result.

“We are so pleased the funds have gone to such a worthy organisation, the work you do is so important.” says Maria. 

But this isn’t the only work that Xavier College does to support Aboriginal storytelling.

The school has been proudly teaching its students about Indigenous land, culture, language and art for many years. 

Xavier College’s Indigenous Coordinator, Darren, says that the school’s “holistic approach to the Indigenous program provides choices and opportunities through immersion, excursion and education.”

The students at Xavier College have gone to The Kimberley, Kakadu, Arnhem Land and have worked with the Victorian Indigenous Project to continue to develop and maintain links with Indigenous groups both locally and interstate.

Maria believes that this art exhibition has allowed the staff and students to continually raise awareness about Indigenous culture as well as showcase their school’s identity to their local community.

Big thanks to Xavier College and Everywhen Artspace for their amazing fundraising efforts! 

  • Posted 16 December, 2021

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