What role do you play in Reconciliation?

What role do you play in Reconciliation?

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements. 

To celebrate this year's theme "In This Together", our Indigenous Program team have collated a list of resources to inform and inspire a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, language and culture, challenges and opportunities.  

You may have heard of Adam Goodes, the Indigenous AFL player who was twice awarded the Brownlow medal, but have you seen the documentary, The Australian Dream
that shares his story?

Have you ever read to your children, grandchildren, nephews or nieces one of the many delightful and engaging children's books written and illustrated by Indigenous authors, or watched the Bringing them home (1997), a video that sheds a light on the forcible separation and other policies that impacted the lives of Indigenous Australians?  

From reading recommendations, to TED talks, and some fantastic digital resources, we believe this is a great place to start your personal journey towards reconciliation. Check out these resources here.

Hot off the press!

Sign up to the virtual Indigenous Film Festival showcasing a variety of powerful Indigenous Australian films over NRW. Each film will end with a Q&A session with expert panelists to discuss the themes of each film. In exciting news, ILF Ambassador Shelley Ware will be a panelist on discussions for Zach's Ceremony screening at 6pm on Saturday 30 May, and ILF Ambassador Gregg Dreise will be a panelist for In My Blood It Runs, screening on 4pm Sunday 31 May.  

  • Posted 26 May, 2020

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