What are you doing for Indigenous Literacy Day?

What are you doing for Indigenous Literacy Day?

On Wednesday 4 September, we celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day (ILD), our national celebration of Indigenous culture, stories, language and literacy.

This year, in the International Year of Indigenous Languages, we'll be celebrating at the Sydney Opera House with students (aged 9-12 years) from Nhulunbuy Primary School. The students will travel over 4,000 kilometres from their remote community on the Gove Peninsula, to read and perform in their home language Yolngu Matha, from their new book, alongside our ambassadors Justine Clarke, Alison Lester, Josh Pyke, Natalie Ahmat and Gregg Dreise. 

The book, I Saw We Saw, was written and illustrated by the students in a workshop with our ambassador Ann James. An edition will be gifted to communities in the region as well as sold in bookshops around Australia.

It is vital for young children to have access to books in their language. And seeing their way of life reflected in books their own children and community have created, ensures that cultural identity and connections to country remain strong.

We encourage all Australians to support Indigenous Literacy Day, and help raise funds so we can publish more community stories in home languages. Whether you are a school, bookseller, publisher, library, business, organisation or individual, here are some ways you can participate on this day:

  • Posted 19 August, 2019

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