Welcome Dr Marnie O'Bryan

Welcome Dr Marnie O'Bryan

Dr Marnie O'Bryan, third from right.


Dr Marnie O'Bryan has been appointed as the new Chair of the ILF, replacing Patricia Genat who has served in the role for six years. During her tenure, Patricia has been a remarkable leader and has overseen strong growth of its program and fiscal development at the Foundation. This year, the Foundation will gift nearly 100,000 books to close to 400 communities and will publish its 100th book (in six languages).

A message from Marnie:

"In 2019 I joined the Indigenous Literacy Foundation Board, and in May participated in a field trip to the Tiwi Islands. Two books were launched, both authored by local students, an illustration workshop happened with paint and pastels and much hilarity. Jess Mauboy stole hearts everywhere she trod. We laughed for three days straight. 

August, and the djamarrkuli from Nhulunbuy primary school were reading their bilingual work I Saw, We Saw to an audience of Australia’s business and political elite at the Garma Festival. There was immense pride in their work, in their language, in their culture and community and little kids stood tall. 

Weeks later, I brought along copies of Moli det bigibigi when I visited another community. Elders, parents, little ones squealed with delight to see the animation and hear Karen Manbullo read a story in their very own language. 

Fast forward to 2020 and the world looks very different. When Yolngu families have retreated to their Homeland centres, the ultimate refuge from Covid-19, the ILF continues to work with school leaders to distribute books and support literacy education even in the midst of the pandemic.

The work of ILF is unique and it matters. Thank you for being a part of it."

  • Posted 14 May, 2020

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