Welcome 2018 Student Ambassadors

Welcome 2018 Student Ambassadors

We’re very excited to announce that 15 school students from around Australia will soon be joining us in our advocacy work and helping promote the 2018 Great Book Swap in their local community.

“I would do anything in my power to make sure that literacy is a right not a luxury in Australia.” — Grace Lagan

In May we called for submissions, and were thrilled at the amazing videos we received from primary and secondary schools both near and far. It was incredibly inspiring watching so many thoughtful, smart, energetic young people speak about the part they felt they could play in helping boost Indigenous literacy.

“Some kids don’t get the same privileges as others.” — Charlie Russell

Sadly, we were unable to say yes to all of these wonderful students. But we’re very happy to welcome the following as our 2018 ILF Student Ambassadors:

• Heidi Bakker

• Naya Cook (pictured above)

• Shantae Cowan

• Georgia Eastaughffe

• Sidney Edwards

• Deyana El-Kadoumi

• Nayomi Goonaratne

• Kiara Harris

• Sapphire Khodr

• Grace Lagan

• Joshua Lam

• Zoe Mavromatis

• Ella Read

• Charlie Russell

• Akanisi Tuikaba

It was clear to us that each one of these students has a strong sense of social justice alongside an enormous passion for books and literacy. And in the schools that nominated them, they have already proven their great leadership skills.

“I believe that these children need our support. Good leaders need to be open-minded and able to empathise with others.” — Joshua Lam

We’re really looking forward to working with each and every one of our 2018 Student Ambassadors.

“I owe my Indigenous brothers and sisters my solidarity and support. Books change lives.” — Deyana El-Kadomi

  • Posted 07 August, 2018

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