Waratah Day - 14 October

Waratah Day - 14 October

Get out your secateurs and join us for a special fundraiser in the NSW Southern Highlands!

Our friends from New South Publishing - Elspeth, Pam and John - are opening their beautiful Waratah Farm in Wingello, NSW.

You can pick seven beautiful waratahs for $25 on Sunday 14 October and all proceeds will be donated to our work in remote communities.

"As a teenager I lived on Mount Keira near Wollongong where waratahs grow naturally. I always loved them and in the spring of 1997 I decided to plant two hundred waratahs on the property my husband and I have. Each year I planted a few more until there were seven hundred plants, with many different varieties, including white ones. At first I had the crazy dream of supplying waratahs for the winners’ posies at the Sydney Olympics. Then for several years we supplied local florists, a flower wholesaler and gave huge bunches to friends," Pam Menzies, ILF Supporter and Waratah Grower at Wombat Lane Farm

Sunday 14 October 2018
10:00am - 3:00pm

Wombat Lane Farm
Wombat Lane (off Camden Street)
Wingello NSW 2579 
(Two hours from Sydney)

Bring your secateurs or tree loppers!

Entry is free but booking is essential! RSVP NOW




  • Posted 27 September, 2018

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