“Success means nothing unless you’re giving back” says the team at Francesca

“Success means nothing unless you’re giving back” says the team at Francesca

Francesca is raising funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) with their January Awareness Bracelet

In 2011, Hannah Vasicek ran a jewellery store at Tasmania’s famous Salamanca Markets while she was studying at university. When her sister Rachel Vasicek finished school, the two started the Francesca brand. Now, they have a thriving business with 70 employees, a busy online store, and two physical stores in both Melbourne and Hobart.

While Hannah and Rachel have been blown away by the support they have received for their brand, they felt like they needed to do more than making and selling jewellery. They wanted to give back to the community, in a way that was achievable for their small business.

At the heart of their business is the concept that success means nothing unless you’re giving back. This quote is even printed on the wall at their main office in Hobart. 

This is what launched the concept of the Awareness Bracelet

The team at Francesca partners with different charities to create their Awareness Bracelet range. The 2024 design is a gorgeous metal band with a semi-precious stone that matches the charity’s logo. And $20 from every sale made supports the charity.

In the past, every month Francesca would support a different charity. They have worked with many organisations, such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, BeHers, Endometriosis Australia, Dementia Australia, and many more. 

In 2024, they decided that they wanted the Awareness Bracelet range to be available throughout the year, not just for one month. This means that the ILF bracelet will be available from January through to December!

Francesca tries to support organisations that work nationally, to increase the reach of their fundraising. However, they also support organisations circumstantially. In 2020, the team at Francesca knew they wanted to do something to support the people affected by the bushfires. They quickly turned around a beautiful bracelet and donated 100% of the profits. To their surprise, this bracelet sold out in just six hours and the team had raised $100,000 for the Red Cross!

2020 was also the year that they decided to support the ILF. 

“We really wanted to raise funds for a charity that was supporting First Nations Communities and making a difference, especially in young peoples’ lives,” says their Marketing Manager, Francesca.

“When we worked with the ILF in 2020 we saw a hugely positive response from our audience and we wanted to work with the ILF again when we had an opportunity. We are so grateful to be supporting this organisation because we believe the work they do in remote Communities is amazing.”

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation Awareness Bracelet is the first of the 2024 range. It was created by Designer, Creative Director and Founder, Rachel, and features a metal bracelet as the base in either silver or gold, and a blue charm representing the ILF’s logo. 

All bracelets are hand-made by their in-house beading team. The organisation has a focus on offering employment opportunities and giving back to the community in any way they can. 

In the past four years, the team at Francesca have raised an astonishing $1 Million to charities across Australia! 

“We are super grateful to be able to support the ILF with our awareness bracelet this year and we can’t wait to see how it goes!” 

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Written by Ella Schofield

  • Posted 23 January, 2024

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