Students at TAFE NSW Ultimo raise over $4000 for Indigenous Literacy

Students at TAFE NSW Ultimo raise over $4000 for Indigenous Literacy

‘Synergetic: A Virtual Restorative Night’ was an online event organised by students of TAFE NSW Ultimo with proceeds donated to the ILF, raising a fantastic amount of over $4000!

Organised by students from TAFE NSW Ultimo, this digital event was a way for the students to test out their event management skills, while also raising money for a great cause.

They produced the event to help others feel connected in a time of disconnection, where more than ever we are spending long periods of time sitting uncomfortably behind our screens and attempting to connect with people virtually that we can’t physically see or touch.

The online event was run by three professional facilitators who taught easy, at-home practices to feel grounded and refreshed while maintaining busy lifestyles.

Dru Yoga instructor, Danette Watson focused on yoga and mindfulness practices centred around inspiring, empowering and connecting people.

Meditation teacher Christopher Celsus taught skills of self connection aimed at guiding a life full of health, love, joy and abundance.

In addition, nutritionist Anthony Hartcher also joined the team to provide motivational practices and inspiring nutritional insights.

Participants enjoyed an educational and restorative event learning from the three different experts, while proceeds were donated to support Indigenous literacy.

When looking at different charities to support with this event, the students decided on the ILF for a number of different reasons.

“Of the charities offered, ILF ranked best in the factors deemed important by our student group; transparency, representation, community impact, and relevance,” one student told us.

“The organisation was a local charity, which supported education for the young Australian Indigenous community. I felt that this was a very meaningful charity to support,” another said.

After all the time and effort that went into organising this special event, the TAFE students felt that their event had been successful, and made a real difference through the donation of proceeds.

“The event went smoothly and all students participating were extremely happy with what was achieved through this digital session.”

“It was a sense of wonder and joy, it made me feel as if we had helped make a small dent in a much larger issue.”

Thank you to students of TAFE NSW Ultimo for organising this wonderful fundraising event!

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  • Posted 02 December, 2021

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