Sharing knowledge with young language workers from across the country

Sharing knowledge with young language workers from across the country

Warra: Indigenous Languages Youth Forum is an annual event by First Languages Australia for young language learners and educators to come together and share insights about engaging with First Languages. 

First Nations teachers, students, NGO workers, journalists and language learners under the age of 30 from all across the country gathered together at the Pullman Adelaide for the two-day conference.

This was an incredible opportunity for the ILF staff Jolene, Emma and Ella, who are all proud First Nations women in their twenties. 

Jolene, Kamilaroi and Dunghutti woman and ILF’s Book Buzz Manager, explained that she was able to connect with people who wanted to learn about ILF’s programs. 

“People were interested in our language books and the quality of them, and I met Community members who wanted to chat about our Community Publishing Projects!”

The ILF had a 30-minute presentation where the team introduced the ILF and our three core programs including the supply of quality books, and learning resources, and publishing books in First Languages by and for remote Communities. 

During the presentation, the audience engaged in a discussion about how teaching First Languages can enable a sense of pride and strengthen literacy skills in young learners. 

For Jolene, Emma and Ella, the best part was learning from the people they met. 

“To see the work and dedication of other organisations, schools and Community members gives me hope for our future generations. Our mobs are so strong and it was amazing to see how we are shaping our futures,” explained Jolene.

Warra Speaker, Trinity, with ILF staff Emma, Jolene and Ella.

Social Media and Communications Coordinator, Ella, explained that this experience was extremely beneficial for her as a proud Wiradjuri woman. 

“It was such a valuable experience for our team. We were lucky to have the opportunity to meet incredible First Language learners and teachers from across Australia. It really was a place for the sharing of techniques, ideas, skills and passion. And there is such amazing work being done throughout these Communities. 

We also had the opportunity to learn from talented journalists at ABC about how we can utilise our platforms to continually advocate for remote Communities. Which was amazing!”

Wiradjuri woman and Senior Marketing and Events Lead, Emma, felt that meeting other First Nations people in this space was very special to her. 

“Sitting down with people who are doing similar work in their Communities, and learning skills from each other, was amazing. I particularly enjoyed a videography workshop where I felt like I mastered the skill of filming.” 

The team can’t wait for the 2023 Warra event!

  • Posted 10 February, 2023

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