Save the date for Indigenous Literacy Day!

Save the date for Indigenous Literacy Day!

This year, Indigenous Literacy Day: Celebrating Stories and Language (ILD) will be held on Wednesday 1 September, and is an annual celebration featuring Indigenous languages, stories, peoples and culture. 

To celebrate, we are hosting a free virtual celebration for all Australians going live from 9am Wednesday 1 September. 

Through storytelling, ILD provides a window into the richness, diversity and multilingual world of First Nations peoples with a selection of short, two minute, inspiring video stories by First Nations storytellers (of all ages) from across the country. 

This year's theme is Celebrating Stories and Language.

You will be able to pick and choose from a suite of diverse and inspiring two minute video stories from First Nations people including Australia's favourite pop star Jessica Mauboy, talented author and performer Gregg Dreise, and celebrated photographer Wayne Quilliam.

There will also be stories from four young graphic novelists, children in remote communities and a selection of pay-to-experience, high-quality workshops made by leading artists, authors and creatives.

For our younger audience members, we will also have a special 20 minute, fun and engaging event featuring two beautiful animations of our books! Stay tuned for more information on the children's event coming soon.

Be sure to register now to secure your virtual seat to this exciting, free Indigenous Literacy Day celebration.

  • Posted 24 July, 2021

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