Reading 50 Books to Fundraise for Indigenous Literacy

Reading 50 Books to Fundraise for Indigenous Literacy

We love hearing the different and creative ways that people find to fundraise for our Foundation, and this story is no exception!

Ongoing supporter Michelle Barr started her fundraising off as a personal journey, where she aimed to read 50 books throughout 2021. However, her goal soon evolved into a much larger one.

Drawn to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) by ILF Ambassador and talented author Anita Heiss, she soon realised that she could link her goal of reading 50 books to her interest in the work that the ILF does.

“And so the idea of me donating $10 per book came to life – and why not ask others to donate as well!” 

“It became really important to me as I didn’t think twice about having access to 50 books – whether I already owned them, bought them or borrowed them from the library – but not everyone has the same access to books as I do.”

Michelle used social media to promote her fundraising, asking people to also donate $1 per book to support her, but she was surprised when people donated up to $50 straight away!

On the eve of Indigenous Literacy Day, she spread awareness by posting on her LinkedIn and sending out emails asking for donations.

“This was quite successful, amounting to $350 in donations.”

In addition to fundraising for the ILF, from May through to July Michelle celebrated and supported Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week by only reading books from First Nations authors and promoting them on her social media.

Reflecting on the ILF, Michelle believes that “It’s a really important cause. Developing a love of learning can really empower children – to dream, be inspired and believe in themselves.”

“I’ve enjoyed hearing people’s perspectives on the work of the ILF and how important a love of reading is for kids – and hearing stories of why donors have their own love of reading or want to support the cause.” she said.

Michelle is not finished yet, she is determined to keep fundraising despite already having achieved her initial goal.

We are so grateful to Michelle because her fundraising allows us to carry out the important work we do. Thank you Michelle.

If you are interested in creating a fundraiser of your own, you can find out more here.

  • Posted 24 September, 2021

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