Please donate this end of financial year

Please donate this end of financial year

At the ILF, we believe that culture, stories, languages and families keep Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children strong.

Please give a tax deductible donation this end of financial year because...

Books in first languages strengthens identity and wellbeing 

Does your child or grandchild have a favourite book? Have they ever tried to write or illustrate their own book? Our Foundation supports children and adults in remote communities to write and illustrate their own stories, in languages of their choice. Publishing stories written and illustrated by Indigenous people helps preserve stories and languages and build identity and wellbeing of First Nations peoples. 

Children need access to books

Can you imagine not having access to books to read to the young children in your life? Having access to some of Australia’s favourite children’s books like The Guinness Book of RecordsOur Home, Our Heartbeat, and Where the Wild Things Are, as well as books featuring Indigenous authors and illustrators gives children in remote areas a chance to explore and learn to read. When access to bookstores or libraries is not possible, our Book Supply program is an invaluable service to remote schools, health and community centres who give the books to children to take home to share with families.

Our work is impactful and supportive

We are strictly community led. We have two Indigenous Regional Coordinators based in Katherine and the Tiwi Islands. This year we are engaging two part-time local Indigenous employees to assist with playgroups in remote Northern Territory. This model works. It builds community capacity and strong relationships. The ILF supports and empowers communities to lead their own literacy journeys. 

Early literacy is important

Transitioning to big school is challenging at the best of times. At ILF, we know it can be easier if children and their families have had access to books and reading materials in their first language. ILF’s Book Buzz program works closely with organisations like Families as First Teachers (FaFT) in Northern Territory and KindiLink in Western Australia to ensure parents, babies and toddlers have access to quality books and support materials. Please donate and help us to reach more young children living in remote Australia. 

Your donation is critical to inspiring children and their families in remote communities across Australia to engage in literacy. 

Please donate generously.

  • Posted 28 June, 2021

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