Paying it forward is a responsibility, not a luxury, for Clay by Tina

Paying it forward is a responsibility, not a luxury, for Clay by Tina

Ceramics by, left to right: Benna Co, Leah Jackson, Oh Hey Grace, Tantri Mustika. Photograph by Rachel Hickey

Tina Thorburn is the founder of Clay by Tina, a one woman pottery working in the Alpine region of North East Victoria. Tina is also the co-founder of the Melbourne Ceramics Market, along with Daisy Cooper. 

Paying it forward has always been an important part of her business model. 

Tina has fundraised for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) in a number of ways over the years. Tina and Daisy have donated 25% of sales from the Melbourne Ceramics Market’s Seconds Sales to various charities, with ILF being the main focus in recent years. Additionally, Tina also donates $10 from every online purchase to the ILF and another organisation, like Children’s Ground and World Vision.

“I have a deep belief that paying it forward is not a luxury but a responsibility,” explains Tina. 

Ceramics by, top to bottom: Clay by Tina, Benna Co, Tantri Mustika. Photograph by Rachel Hickey

An avid reader, Tina was excited to discover that the ILF supports remote Indigenous Communities in accessing literacy resources and books in First Languages. 

“I believe that an Indigenous focused organisation that uses literacy as the guiding light is well worth the effort to support it,” says Tina. 

Tina reflects on her experience at university, when on a study trip her Professor explained that change is often inspired by the younger generation.

“In my small way, I am proud to support an organisation that works to support the young through literature, cultural connection and most importantly, fusing the two together.”

Donating to charity is not new to Tina. In fact, it is an everyday aspect of her work. Making art, giving back, and promoting her values are at the heart of what she does. 

Tina hopes to enable the ILF and other organisations to continue their important work, while also encouraging those around her to give back. 

“I have found that people are happy to be part of someone else's giving. Sometimes, people don’t even notice. And that is fine, because I notice and I care deeply. I love ILF and hope it continues to do good work well into the future.” 

Ceramics by, left to right: Oh Hey Grace, Oh Hey Grace, Arcadia Scott, Tantri Mustika. Photograph by Rachel Hickey

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  • Posted 04 June, 2022

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