Our First Picture Book Sequel, Moli bin git stak (Molly gets stuck)!

Our First Picture Book Sequel, Moli bin git stak (Molly gets stuck)!

Moli det bigibigi (Molly the pig) was written by Karen Manbulloo and published by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) in 2017. The picture book shares the adventures of local pig, Moli (Molly), and how she eats weetabix to grow strong and scare away the camp dogs.

It is a bilingual story in both English and Kriol. Kriol is a language widely spoken on the Top End of Australia and the First Language of many Aboriginal people. The story provides the children and families of the Communities in and around Katherine, Northern Territory, a story that they can relate to, teaching language, building identity, and encouraging literacy.

After the incredible success of Moli det bigibigi (Molly the pig), we are so excited to be launching the highly anticipated sequel, Moli bin git stak (Molly gets stuck).

This is my second book. I just want to continue on writing books. It’s really important to me to share the Kriol language to help our Indigenous children. It’s really important for our little ones and when they get older, they might, you know, do something like write a book too.” 

The real life Moli det bigibigi lives in Kalano, Northern Territory

One of the special things about this story is that it showcases a real personality of Community life. Moli is a real pig that lives at Kalano Community. 

“[Moli bin git stak] is based on a true story,” says Karen.

“Moli went under the car for shade, and she couldn’t get out. She’s really big now, so she couldn’t find her way out. My brother and his kid had to dig her out of there, so she could find her way out.

“They had to dig that dirt on the right hand side and left hand side and even the middle part as well so she could freely get out from under the car," says Karen.

Since then, Moli has learnt her lesson, and lays under a tree for shade instead of laying under the car. 

But this fun story inspired Karen to write the sequel to her first book, and share more stories about a much-loved pig.

Moli came to the Community when she was a little piglet. Karen’s brother found her, and Karen thought Moli was a tiny puppy at first. 

I used to go [to Kalano] and visit my brother and his wife. One holiday, we were at my brother and sister in law’s daughter's house sitting outside and all of a sudden, I saw this little tiny puppy. She went and hid under my sister in law’s skirt from the big dog. I asked them, ‘what is this?’

And they said, ‘That’s a little pig.’”

Karen and Moli now that Moli is all grown up

When the Binjari Buk Mob approached Karen to write a book, Karen knew she wanted to write about Moli. This is what inspired the first Moli book. 

I was so happy that when I wrote Moli det bigibigi. I didn’t know that from the first book I wrote that Moli would become famous.”

ILF’s Publishing Projects Editor, Cindy, who grew up in the Katherine region, is so excited to have worked on this series. 

“I remember when the first Moli book came out and people from Community would share their stories of visiting Moli.

I think a lot of people are really excited about the second book as well. 

It’s going to be such a really good book and I think people are really going to adore the second one,” says Cindy.

You can shop Moli bin git stak (Molly gets stuck) now!

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Written by Ella Schofield

  • Posted 15 February, 2024

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