Non-Commercial Books Become Commercial!

Non-Commercial Books Become Commercial!

The ILF are pleased to announce that ILF recently published titles, Jarrampa and Big Fat Mummy Goanna have become commercially available! Both books were launched in Community last year to much fanfare and celebration. 

Marshia Cook (left), Emily Carter, CEO Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre (centre) and Emma Bear (right)
Image by Vicki Hynam.

Written by Marshia Cook and Emma Bear, Jarrampa and Purlka ngamaji Kakaji (Big Fat Mummy Goanna) were developed in workshops with children, families and Elders throughout 2019, with ILF Lifetime Ambassador Alison Lester and acclaimed children’s author publisher Jane Godwin. 

Image by Vicki Hynam.

Alison Lester shared different techniques and methods of illustrating with the Community as a way of “giving power and control to the illustrator”.

“Often as a facilitator it’s all about just getting somebody’s confidence up, especially with illustrating. Most adults are very embarrassed about their drawing when often what they are putting on paper is fabulous, but it is a very personal thing.”

Cover of ILF new commercial title, Jarrampa.

Jarrampa is a bilingual book in Walmajarri and English and is a story about clever ways of catching Jarrampa (yabbies). It is appropriate for the age of 3+.

“I wrote this book to encourage kids to read more books, and to sit with the Elders… while they’re around. To know who they are, where they come from, to know the language and to speak it.” said Marcia Cook, author of Jarrampa.

Cover of ILF new commercial title, Purlka ngamaji Kakaji (Big Fat Mummy Goanna).

Purlka ngamaji Kakaji (Big Fat Mummy Goanna) is a also a bilingual book, written in Walmajarri and English and is a story about author, Emma Bear, and her family going on Country to hunt goanna. It is appropriate for the age of 3+.

“I wanted to write this story for my family; for all Indigenous people going out on Country and hunting for bush tucker. It is our language and our Dreaming, ” said Emma Bear.

Jane Godwin says that “Emma and Marshia put so much thought, talent, effort and hard work into their books, and it was a wonderful and life-affirming experience for myself and Alison to work alongside these talented creators. The books speak for themselves - they are full of life and rich in meaning, colour and a sense of fun, too."

The books were launched at the Baya Gawiy Buga yani Jandu Yani u Centre in Fitzroy Crossing in late July 2021. Watch the launch here.

"The children and families rejoiced, they were beside themselves with happiness that the Walmajarri language is being honoured in this way” says Education and Development lead, Vicky Hyman.

Image by Vicki Hynam.

“It’s very exciting to see more and more books published in language,” says Alison Lester.

Well done to Emma and Marcia, producing the beautiful bilingual books. Purchase the books through our shop page.

  • Posted 10 May, 2022

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