NAIDOC Week (2-9 July)

NAIDOC Week (2-9 July)

NAIDOC WEEK is 2-9 July and all Australians are invited to celebrate the rich history, culture and achievements of our First Nations People. It is an opportunity for the wider Australian community to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our society, and this year's theme is Our Languages Matter. 

Indigenous languages play an essential role in cultural identity, linking people to their place, history, spirituality and rites, through story and song. Our Foundation believes in the importance of learning in first language and research shows that children learn best in their own language. It also empowers the parents and carers to be the role models for their children, and instils a love of reading in the community. We have translated many of our early literacy resources into first languages and have published over 66 books written by community, many in first languages.

NAIDOC Week is a chance for you to explore the use of Indigenous languages in your community, and supporting Indigenous literacy, stories, language and culture is a wonderful way to participate this year. 

What is your school, workplace or community doing this year for NAIDOC Week?

Supporting and celebrating Indigenous literacy, stories, language and culture is a wonderful way to get involved. Here are some ideas: 

  • Hold a Great Book Swap! It's a fantastic way to raise funds for Indigenous literacy in remote Australia while also creating awareness in the local community. What is a Great Book Swap?
  • Hold an ILF fundraiser such as a morning tea or bake sale and combine it with a literary event by inviting a local elder to run a storytime session. Register here and we'll send you resources to support your event. 
  • Donate a percentage of your product sales this week – very popular for bookshops!
  • Make a donation to support literacy in remote Australia through our website or over the phone during NAIDOC week.
  • Participate in other NAIDOC events that are happening in your community.

Thank you for supporting the Indigenous Literacy Foundation this NAIDOC Week! 

  • Posted 19 June, 2017

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