Long Term Supporter Just Keeps on Supporting

Long Term Supporter Just Keeps on Supporting

ALS Library Services helps Australian public and school libraries curate interesting and diverse book collections as a full-service library supplier operating out of Adelaide and Melbourne. ALS has been supporting the ILF by handling and shipping our commercially available books and Book Buzz materials for over 7 years.

ALS first started working with the ILF when our Foundation was a lot smaller in size, and as ILF continued to grow, ALS stuck with the support. To this date, employee Angela handles orders almost every day for commercially available books, t-shirts and tote bags as well as our Book Buzz materials by packing and shipping each item.

The team at ALS Library Services says that the journey with ILF “has been interesting, challenging and totally worthwhile with huge growth in the number of titles and orders shipped”.

“We started with only 3 books on the one shelf and handled everything on the one spreadsheet, now we stock over 30 books, book packs and other merchandise”

ILF is the main charity supported by ALS. They also have an ongoing snack box fundraiser for the ILF in their lunchroom (apparently the staff get through a ridiculous amount of chips, chocolate and healthier options!), with all profits from this donated to the ILF.

We would like to give a special shout out to Angela and Managing Director Simon for their continuous and daily support for the ILF.

  • Posted 26 April, 2022

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