Light Up for Josh Pyke's first childrens book!

Light Up for Josh Pyke's first childrens book!

Our Lifetime Ambassador Josh Pyke is launching his first book at Kinokuniya Sydney on Saturday 8 June 2:30pm – 4:00pm. This is a free public event and we’d love to have your help to support Josh in his new endeavour.

Josh, an ARIA award-winning singer, has provided continuous and unwavering support of our Foundation over the years. In 2009 Josh launched ‘Buskin for Change’ to raise funds for us, and has also raised over an incredible $50,000 since 2014!

As well as ‘Buskin for Change’, Josh attended Garma (run by the Yothu Yindi Foundation) in 2012, where he performed and ran music workshops at the youth forum and joined us on a field trip to Tiwi Islands in 2017. In 2018, he also joined us for our Pamela Lofts Mentoring Project in Sydney – a skills building workshop fostering the talents of seven female students from Tiwi Islands, Tjuntjuntjara and Menzies.

"Having the ability to choose is a powerful thing, and to me, the work ILF do in raising literacy levels in Indigenous communities, is about introducing choice to people. Kids and adults who can read, can choose to pursue further education, pursue better job opportunities, stay more up to date with the world around them, or simply enjoy the brilliant escape that reading can offer.”
– Josh Pyke

Josh’s book, Lights Out Leonard, is a cheeky story about night-time fears. Leonard doesn't like bedtime, especially when there's a five-nosed, seven-tailed, eleven-handed, scaly-waily monster hiding in the corner of his bedroom. It seems like Leonard will never sleep again... until he discovers a mysterious book called ‘How to Frighten Monsters’.

We wish Josh all the best of luck with this new venture! Come along on Saturday 8 June and join us in celebrating this fabulous new story!

  • Posted 26 May, 2019

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