“It was a fantastic feeling!” - Year 5 Market Stalls Raise More than Expected for the ILF

“It was a fantastic feeling!” - Year 5 Market Stalls Raise More than Expected for the ILF

Woodleigh School Year 5 Teacher, Zara, helped her students host a ‘Year 5 business bomb’ to teach them about the responsibilities of running a business and to raise money for Indigenous literacy!

First, the students had to choose a charity to support.

“A few of the students were inspired by guest speakers who visited us during Reconciliation Week to share their stories,” explained Zara.

They were amazed that one guest speaker mentioned that his children were the first to complete their schooling through Year 12.

The students decided they wanted to make a difference to remote Indigenous Communities, specifically young children in school. 

When researching charities, they discovered the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF).

The students were impressed that ILF supports children in remote Communities with access to books and literacy resources and assists with the translation of books into First Languages. They agreed this is very important.  

The "Flydye" market stall

Next, the students created their business idea, a market stall and started building awareness throughout the school. At this point, they had no idea if it would be a success.

Running the market stall challenged the students to create a business plan including a budget, to make the products and develop advertising material. When the day came, they had to set it up and manage the stall including taking money and calculating the change. 

The stalls sold heat packs, tye-die clothing, scrunchies, bandanas, handmade scarves, original artwork, bath bombs, bookmarks, garden jars, perfume, magic potions and more. 

Felix's Garden Jars stall

Zara and her students were surprised when most of the stalls sold out during the event.

“It was a fantastic feeling!” she said, “the students were amazed at what they had achieved. We counted the total profits and then determined the percentage to be donated. The students were blown away that we could raise that much money from what started as such a small idea.”

“The students are excited to go bigger and better again next year.”

We would like to say a massive thank you to Zara and the students at Woodleigh School who raised an amazing $704.95 for the ILF!

Knitted goods stall

  • Posted 24 August, 2022

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