Indigenous Literacy Day - More than a Day

Indigenous Literacy Day - More than a Day

More and more, we’re realising that Indigenous Literacy Day is more than just a day - it’s a way to engage with and celebrate First Nations peoples, languages, and stories everyday of the year.

To celebrate and share Indigenous histories, cultures and stories with your youngsters, we’ve put together a special, exciting Indigenous Literacy Day event for primary and early learners, available now until early December.

Kids will delight in the fun and interactive nature of the event – from yelling out Yakai Gregg! everytime they see a twirling, whirling boomerang, to singing and moving along with Gregg’s lively performance.

They’ll also take a virtual flight to the Tiwi Islands to join local children at the island swimming hole and on a hunt for mussels in the mangroves. 

This special event is hosted by dynamic performer, best selling author, musician, artist and Indigenous Literacy Foundation Ambassador, Gregg Dreise, a proud descendant from the Goomeri and Yuwalayaay people in south western Queensland and north west of New South Wales.

And of course, to add a touch of celebrity charm, there’s a special guest appearance by Australia’s favourite pop singer and ILF ambassador, Jessica Mauboy.

This 23-minute event for students aged 4-11 also includes two delightful animations featuring Kriol language; Yakai! Beibigel (Oh No, Baby Girl!) and Tudei en longtaim (Now and Then).

Since 2007, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation has hosted Indigenous Literacy Day on the first Wednesday of September, with the aim to celebrate and share stories from children, families and Elders in remote communities across Australia.

But to celebrate the stories, languages and cultures of First Nations peoples all year round, we’ve made this special children’s event available to the public for the next three months.

What a way to celebrate Indigenous literacy! This event is available here from now until 6 December.

  • Posted 12 October, 2021

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