Great Book Swap Launch in South Australia

Great Book Swap Launch in South Australia

Registrations open for the Great Book Swap!


It is an exciting day for us at the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, as today marks the launch of our 2019 Great Book Swap Program! This year we celebrate the UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages. To mark the occasion, we have expanded the Great Book Swap learning experience to include opportunities for participants to connect with some of the communities our Foundation works with.


When you register to host a Great Book Swap, your school will be assigned a House, which is named after one of the animals that feature in a book published by our Foundation. You will be provided with great teaching resources about your House’s language, community and culture.

Which house will you belong to? Yirrikipayi, Lungkura, Bigibigi or Wamparla?

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The launch took place at the South Australian Museum, and was supported by a number of students from South Australian schools alongside special guests from bookselling industry, authors, illustrators, board and ambassadors. The event was hosted by our ambassador Natalie Ahmat and featured an address from her and Dr Jared Thomas about the importance of Australia's first languages, as well as videos featuring some of our stories narrated by Elders we have worked with plus a performance of 'Words Make the World Go Around' by Justine Clarke.

A giant inter-school Great Book Swap took pride of place in the Pacific Cultures Gallery where all students, teachers and guests were asked to bring along a favourite book and gold coin to participate, followed by an invitation to visit Jared Thomas’ new exhibition Yurtu Ardla - a celebration of the continuity and revitalisation of Nukunu and Adnyamathanha carving in the Flinders Ranges.


“I'm delighted that South Australian schools and students will have the opportunity to connect with and learn more about Aboriginal people, communities, diversity, culture and languages through engagement with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s launch of the Great Book Swap program” says Jared Thomas, ILF Ambassador and South Australian Museum curator.


The Great Book Swap is a wonderful way to celebrate reading locally and raise much-needed funds for remote communities. This year our goal is to engage with 350,000 students across Australia to help us raise $350,000 to gift 35,000 new books for remote Indigenous communities.


“We are incredibly excited to launch a new initiative celebrating Indigenous languages and culture through the Great Book Swap campaign. This year all participants can learn a little more about Indigenous cultures representing Walmajarri, Arabana, Tiwi and Kriol culture and languages” said Karen Williams, Executive Director, ILF.


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  • Posted 20 March, 2019

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