Give the gift of reading with our Festive Book Packs!

Give the gift of reading with our Festive Book Packs!

The second year of the pandemic has not stopped the ILF from delivering literacy programs to remote playgrounds, schools and Communities. 

Our 2021 achievements have included gifting 99,000 culturally relevant books, supporting 83 playgrounds, and publishing 40 books in 11 languages. 

Why is this important? Because if you want to learn to read, you need access to quality books. Books that reflect your life, your culture. Books that are age appropriate and in a language that you speak at home.

Did you know that children in remote communities often speak two, three or even four languages, before they begin school?

Books in First Languages build Indigenous children’s confidence, identity, autonomy and wellbeing. They also help to revitalise, maintain and preserve First Languages. This is so important that UNESCO has claimed 2022-2032,  the Decade of Indigenous Languages.

We have big plans for 2022! 

We aim to gift 110,000 books, support more than 90 playgrounds, and publish 40 books in 22 languages!

Why? Because more remote community schools and organisations across Australia are requesting books, more remote playgroups are requesting board books and books with Indigenous translations or in First Languages, and more Communities are wanting to create and publish their own stories for their children. 

How can you help? 

To celebrate the end of an amazing year, we have released our bilingual Festive Book packs. 

The ILF works with children, Elders and families in remote Communities to support the creation of books in or featuring Indigenous languages. 

Research shows that kids learn best in their First Language. And this festive season, our bilingual book packs give non-Indigenous people the opportunity to also engage with these languages! 

Festive Book Pack 1. 

Book Pack 1 includes Tudei en longtaim and Karrkin, two beautiful books written and illustrated by Indigenous people from Binjari and Bidyadanga remote communities respectively.

Released this year, these two books have already proved to be a hit with families and young children!

Recommended for ages 5 and over, Tudei en longtaim is a bilingual book written in Kriol and English. 

Written by Stella Raymond and illustrated by the Binjari Buk Mob, the book compares how life is lived now in Aboriginal communities and how it was lived in the olden days. 

Karrkin is written in Mangala and English. 

Created and translated by Maureen Yanawana and the families of La Grange KiniLink, Karrkin is suitable for ages 2 and over. 

This bright, beautiful book introduces non-Indigenous Australians to one of the five languages spoken at Bidyadanga remote community (La Grange), and will help young readers learn the names of body parts in Mangala and English! 

Book Pack 2

The second pack includes popular ILF titles, I Saw We Saw and Wamparla Apira

Written in English with some words in Yol?u Matha, I Saw We Saw is for kids five years and over. This gorgeous book gives readers a window into the lives of Yol?u students at Nhulunbuy Primary School, in north east Arnhem Land.

Wamparla Apira is a bilingual book written in Arabana and English, also recommended for - ages five and over. 

Written by Elder Thanthi Syd Strangways and illustrated by Kathy Arabon, this book is an important addition to the language resources for the Arabana people of northern South Australia. 

As a child, Thanti Syd travelled the region with his grandmother and other Arabana tribespeople, camping and hunting for possums for food and clothing. 

We are so excited that these gorgeous books are in four different Aboriginal languages and English. 

This festive season, add some diversity to your children’s bookshelf, and support children in remote communities to have access to new, culturally relevant books and learning resources.

Please support ILF this festive season by purchasing a Festive Book Pack. If you can, please make a donation or donate via our Give the Gift of Reading cards.

What a perfect way to spread the joy of reading!

We recommend you order Book Packs before 8 December to receive your packs in time for Christmas. After this time, delivery will be after 5 January 2022.

  • Posted 23 November, 2021

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