Freshwater Farm collaborates with Aboriginal artist Brittney Paulson to fundraise for the ILF!

Freshwater Farm collaborates with Aboriginal artist Brittney Paulson to fundraise for the ILF!

Based on Worimi Country, Freshwater Farm produces body and haircare products made from Australian native essential oils from their farm on the mid-north coast of NSW.

Their team collaborated with artist Brittney Paulson to create their incredible Limited Edition Lemon Myrtle + Manuka Honey range, now available in your local Woolworths! For every product purchased in-store 20c goes to the ILF. For every online sale, $1 from Body Bars and $2 from hand wash is donated to the ILF.

Claire, Freshwater Farm’s Sales and Marketing Executive, explains how the company’s respect for the land that they are on is vital to their work. 

“We respect and care for the earth that produces the natural properties that are the foundation of our products” says Claire.

It is this that sets their products apart from brands in their field; they grow and distill the botanicals used in some of their products on their farm.

Freshwater Farm

It is this acknowledgement of the importance of land that made them want to collaborate with Aboriginal artist Brittney Paulson.

“It was really important for us to collaborate with a local artist in this range so when we found Brittney, we were elated. We commissioned Brittney to create a piece that told the story of Worimi Country,” explains Claire.

Brittney Paulson

Brittney is a 27 year old Worimi, Biripi, Kamilaroi artist born on Biripi Country who grew up on both Worimi and Biripi Land. 

Her art is called Ukamirra, which means sunset, and was passed down from her father. 

Brittney has six uncles and seven aunties, her nan is one out of nineteen and her pop is one out of thirteen. So, family is very important to her. 

“I started watching my Dad from an early age. One day I showed Dad my work, and everyday he was telling me to show people and kept telling me to do something more with it. 

I absolutely love sharing my work and my culture. It's something I'm really proud of.

The best part is making my family and community proud. That is all I wish to achieve.” 

The piece that Brittney created for Freshwater Farms is called ‘Where the land meets the sea’ and was inspired by growing up on the beaches and land on Worimi Country with her mob.

The Freshwater Farm team was so excited that Brittney chose the ILF for their donation. 

“When we first heard about the ILF, we were struck by the way that they give Communities the chance to write their own stories, in their own language, and the opportunity to have their stories published. 

The power of reading and writing can never be underestimated,” says Claire.

Claire also explains that the biggest challenge was ensuring that the art was presented to its full potential when converted to a label. 

We couldn’t be happier with the end result,” she says.

“It is all still super surreal for me, and I am just so grateful that Freshwater Farm reached out giving me this opportunity,” Brittney says. 

Overall, both Brittney and Claire explain that they truly gained so much from this experience. 

“I don't think I can actually put it into words what I gained from this.” claims Brittney

Never in my life did I think I would have designed labels for products that are sold in Woolworths. And raising so much for the ILF - is honestly something that I thought I would never be able to achieve.”

So far, sales from the product have raised over $10,000 for the ILF! 

You can purchase it via their website here, or at your local Woolworths. 

Thank you to Britany and the Freshwater Farm team for this incredible donation and story.

  • Posted 24 March, 2022

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