Finding New Ways to Support Early Learning

Finding New Ways to Support Early Learning

Our Foundation has been working with Families as First Teachers (FaFT) programs for a number of years.

FaFT is an early learning and family support program for remote Indigenous families, whose aim is to support children's learning and development, by working with Indigenous families and children prior to school entry. 

Through our Book Buzz program, we have supported many FaFT playgroups across the Northern Territory by providing books and learning resources suitable for early childhood education.

We have also worked alongside these groups to help facilitate the translation of books into first languages.

Our Foundation knows the importance of these crucial years in literacy development, and over the last six to 12 months, has been working with the Department of Education and FaFT to find new ways to support their programs.

“We are proud to announce that we have recently provided a grant for FaFT Stay Play and Learn playgroups in Robinson River and Canteen Creek to employ two local Indigenous, permanent part-time staff in their programs,” says ILF Program Manager Linda. 

“It is so exciting for the children and families at FaFT Canteen Creek and Robinson River to be supported in their early years by local Aboriginal people who have knowledge of the local community and language. This kind of support fosters a sense of belonging and identity for the children, and supports local up and coming teachers in pursuing their own professional goals.”   

“We hope that, among other things, these positions will help facilitate learning in first languages and  support the translations of more books into the children's first languages.” Linda tells us.

“Ultimately, we are excited to support the amazing work happening at FaFT where children  are surrounded by passionate, talented people to support their learning and development.” 

Learn more about our Book Buzz program here.


  • Posted 21 April, 2021

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