Daring to Fundraise for Indigenous Literacy

Daring to Fundraise for Indigenous Literacy

Management consultancy firm, Bain & Company Australia have been an ongoing supporter of our Foundation for a number of years now, and in that time have implemented some incredible fundraising ideas! 

Bain & Company recently formalised their commitment to Reconciliation through the launch of their first Reconciliation Action Plan. Within this plan, one of their commitments was to engage and build meaningful connections with charities that are making a difference in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We spoke to Nathan Campbell, Senior Manager from Bain & Company about their fundraising activities. Their team was interested in our Foundation because our programs in remote communities spoke to their Social Impact focus, of which education, racial equity and social justice are key pillars. 

“The breadth and depth of programs that ILF runs have achieved impressive results to date, and it was clear that our fundraising would have an impact,”  Nathan tells us. “Additionally, Bain & Company is full of book lovers, so we are very happy to play some small part in sharing the joy of reading.” 

Throughout April this year, Bain & Company’s fundraising mission was carried out by a fun and engaging process of challenges, called “Dare Month”. The ‘dare-ers’ could dare others across the office to do amusing things. 

“But there is a twist, pledgers need to put their money where their mouth is, and ‘dare-ees’ can set their target for the dare to go ahead.” 

There were many creative dares, including a chicken nugget eating competition and daring people to recreate their cutest baby photo in the current day - which the workplace found fun and adorable.

We know that this year has been challenging, with many Australians in and out of lockdowns, and that fundraising under these circumstances can be tricky. 

However, the Bain & Company team found it really rewarding!

“This initiative helped us to connect as an office, especially through times of limited in-person interactions. It also allowed us to break up the work day with some laughter, while most importantly knowing that the money we raised was going towards a good cause.

“With a group of people who were passionate about making an impact, the initiative came together well. Once things got started, it was really inspiring to see the dares gain traction, and the dollars for charity increase throughout the month.”

Thanks to Bain & Company for your fundraising efforts, and for sharing your story.

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  • Posted 26 October, 2021

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