Celebrating Reading with Student Ambassador Sidney Edwards

Celebrating Reading with Student Ambassador Sidney Edwards

My name is Sidney Edwards and I am a Year Seven student at Blue Mountains Grammar School. Last year I was nominated to become a Student Ambassador for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation by my school.

Closing the literacy gap is something that needs to happen as soon as possible, because everyone has the right to read and deserves to be able to love the worlds that are created through reading. The ILF is an essential organisation for remote Indigenous communities, and helps to spread the joy of reading and learning.

I have loved being part of the ILF because I love books, and I think everyone, regardless of where they live, should have the opportunity to enjoy them.

Working with the ILF has allowed me to take on a leadership role and make a positive change in our society. I love being involved in my community and helping to make important changes, so being a student ambassador for the ILF has been a really great opportunity.

In my school’s NAIDOC Week celebrations this year, I announced I would hold a Great Book Swap and started to raise awareness throughout the school. As much as it is about funds, it is also about raising awareness, and the school is keen to open their eyes to such a worthy cause.

I am planning to hold our Great Book Swap in Term Four, to help spread awareness for the need to close the literacy gap, rather than having it only during NAIDOC Week.

I have very much enjoyed my journey with the ILF so far, and love the work that they do. It has been great to know that I as an individual can make a difference in today’s society.

If you have held a Great Book Swap this year, submit your funds before 30 October, and go into the draw to win an ILF ambassador like Gregg Dreise or Justine Clarke visit your school!

  • Posted 22 October, 2019

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