Celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day with us!

Celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day with us!

Tell us what Land your school is on! Send us a short Acknowledgement of Country to be a part of our Indigenous Literacy Day celebrations. This year, Indigenous Literacy Day (ILD) will be held on Wednesday 1 September. This year, we are hosting a free virtual celebration for all Australians, going live at 9am at ild.org.au.   

As part of this exciting event, we are producing another film montage with submissions from First Nations peoples across the country. We would like to invite your school to participate in the day by submitting a short video of an Acknowledgement of Country given by students (and teachers!) at your school.

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identifying person, we’d like to hear from you! We want to create a video showcasing all the different Countries/Lands you're learning on. To be part of this celebration, please submit a video 10 seconds to 1 minute in length.

  • Give a short Acknowledgement of Country
  • This can include an Acknowledgement of the traditional owners of the Land, paying your respects to Elders, and anything else you might want to say!

You can do this in an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language (including Kriol) or in English - whichever you feel comfortable using. If you have a great idea to make your Acknowledgement different and unique to you, please feel free to make it your own! What we need you to do:

  • Take a video, or ask someone to take a video of you in landscape (your phone or any device on its side)
  • Submit ONE video, giving a short Acknowledgement. 
  • Max time 1 minute, unedited
  • Film in bright, natural light from the waist up

Please email your video to our team at stories@ilf.org.au.

Submissions due: Friday 30 July

In your email please include your full name and contact number and a signed permission form, or confirm your school’s media permission for students featured.

The purpose of this video is to use on our platforms to celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day and First Nations voices. We will be editing parts of your video into a final version with many different videos submitted by schools across the country, so that we can display the diversity of people and places.

By submitting a video, you are giving the Indigenous Literacy Foundation permission to use your content across its website and social media platforms. Please note due to resourcing we may not be able to use all videos, and we reserve the right to edit video submissions.

We look forward to seeing your videos! Thank you for celebrating Indigenous Literacy Day with us. For any questions, please email stories@ilf.org.au or send a message to 0437 649 374.

  • Posted 02 July, 2021

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