Book Supply Registrations Now Open!

Book Supply Registrations Now Open!

Our 2021 Book Supply packs are ready to send out and we are excited to invite you to order your books.

Our team has been working hard to ensure we are able to send out free books again this year. There are almost 100,000 books available suitable for all ages so that  everyone can get involved in reading in 2021. This year, the packs include the ever popular My Story, Ngaginybe Jarragbe, by Shirlie Purdie, Fish Usmob Gettem written in Aboriginal English by Maureen Yanawana and illustrated by the children from La Grange remote community, Bidyadanga, WA, the latest Guinness World Records 2021 and many more. 


If you are new to the program, welcome! The program is simple and is guided by the needs of the community or people you work with. We recommend working with community members to discuss ways that will best suit the community.

Follow the steps below to order your books:

  1. Click on the order link
  2. Complete your details
  3. Select the packs and quantity required
  4. Create opportunities for the books to be read and shared, in consultation with Indigenous peoples and communities
  5. Provide us with feedback  

Are you ready to order books? Click here to order! To view the contents in each pack, download the PDF catalogues.

Please note our Book Supply program is open to organisations, schools and services working in remote Indigenous communities.

  • Posted 17 February, 2021

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