Book Supply orders now open for 2022!

Book Supply orders now open for 2022!

Book Supply orders are now open for 2022!

Our team has been working hard to ensure we are able to send out free books again this year. There are almost 100,000 books available, suitable for all ages so that everyone can get involved in reading in 2022.

This year, the packs include Cathy Freeman's "Born to Run", "Freedom Day: Vincent Lingiari and the Story of the Wave Hill Walk-Off" by Thomas Mayor, Rosie Smiler and Samantha Campbell, the popular "All About Spot" (Eric Hill), Cassandra Prybus' "Truganini; Journey Through the Apocalypse" and many more.

If you’ve participated in the program before, welcome back! You may want to click below and head straight to the order form. If you are new to the program, read on to find out more before ordering.

Order your Book Supply pack now by clicking here.

The program is simple and is guided by the needs of your Community or people you work with. We recommend working with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to discuss ways that will best work for your Community.

Follow the steps below to order your books:

  1. Click on the link order below
  2. Complete your details
  3. Select the packs and quantity required
  4. Create opportunities for the books to be read and shared, in consultation with Indigenous peoples and Communities
  5. Provide us with feedback  

To view the contents of each pack, download the PDF catalogues.

Order the Book Supply pack now via Order Now!

For any enquiries, please contact Brad via email.

Happy Reading!

  • Posted 16 March, 2022

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