Battling Headwinds: Biking USA for Racial Justice

Battling Headwinds: Biking USA for Racial Justice

Mikey Hill, an Australian who was living in the US in 2020, rode his bike from San Francisco to Washington DC from July 8 - August 28, 2020 to raise money for five charities that promote racial justice and equity.  

“Any cyclist will tell you that sometimes, if you're lucky, you get to ride with a tailwind blowing you along. And because you're riding in the same direction you don't even feel it. It's only when you turn around that you realise it was there all along,” says Mikey. 

Mikey knew that life as a white male Australian is life with a hurricane-force tailwind. And for too long he didn't feel it pushing him along, let alone acknowledge it or do anything much (beyond the odd donation or protest) to help those cycling into the headwinds of systemic racial inequality.

He attended numerous protests in the Bay area and listened to black and brown voices imploring people to be there with them over the long haul. A movement not a moment. A marathon not a sprint.

In the spirit of a long-term commitment to racial justice, he decided to donate his time and legs and ride in solidarity with black, brown and Indigenous lives and with all those fighting for equality and a better world.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation was honoured to be selected as a charity recipient and received $2,000. 

Thank you Mikey for fundraising and raising awareness of global racial inequality and injustice.

  • Posted 08 July, 2021

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