A Readathon Spreads the Love of Literacy Nation-wide!

A Readathon Spreads the Love of Literacy Nation-wide!

Camp Australia is passionate about providing the best experience for children in their before and after school services and vacation programs.

While working in over 500 locations nation-wide, they were keen to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) during National Book Week.

Their Book Week Readathon encouraged children to read as many books as they could in a two week period, with Camp Australia donating money to the ILF for every book read. 

When reflecting on this fundraiser, Warren Jacobson, CEO at Camp Australia, said that “it allowed us to give children a platform where they could positively contribute to society simply by reading.”

Raising money was important to the organisers, but they also valued the agency that the children had through this Readathon. 

Simply by reading a book the kids felt like they could make a difference and support other children in Australia. 

Donating money to the ILF also taught the children more about literacy, and aligned perfectly with Camp Australia’s goals for encouraging kids to read more. 

Thanks to the generosity of Camp Australia, the avid readers and those who sponsored them, the organisation was able to donate almost $5000 to the ILF!

ILF's Relationship Manager, David, said "we love to see children getting involved and raising money to get books to kids in remote Communities around the country. This money represents the gifting of 500 culturally appropriate books to remote Communities. Thank you to Camp Australia for this great initiative!" 

We are so grateful for this incredible organisation's support.

  • Posted 27 October, 2022

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