A Mobile Library Fundraiser for Indigenous Literacy

A Mobile Library Fundraiser for Indigenous Literacy

COVID-19 has put a damper on everyone’s plans throughout the year. For Melbourne Year 9 student Henry Lane, COVID-19 meant that his plans for a book sale fundraiser for ILF were put on hold.

A community project for school, Henry came up with a new idea to raise money – creating a mobile library where people donate a gold coin to borrow a book.

“Initially I planned to collect book donations from the local community, and have a book sale at a local market for ILF, but COVID restrictions meant that wasn’t possible,” Henry told us, “So I thought I’d set up a mobile library lending out my own books from home, because libraries and schools were closed during that time too.”

After spreading the word around the local community, and posting in the neighbourhood Facebook page, Henry’s mobile library was ready to go.

“I wrote up a list of books that we had at home, made a flyer, did a flyer drop, told friends and family about it, and it all kicked off from there,” said Henry, “People got interested and started borrowing books. For a gold coin donation I would drop off a book, and then head back and collect it when they were finished reading it about two weeks later.”

Through Henry’s valiant efforts biking around his community dropping off and picking up books, he’s managed to raise a fantastic $500 – and hopes to reach his $1000 fundraising target.

“My main goal for this project was to give back as much as I could, and for the library to be accessible. About 60 people have been using the library and borrowing the books. I still hope to hold the bookstall and sell the books people have donated to me once restrictions have lifted and make up $1000 to donate.”

A project for a school subject called ‘Learning Journeys’, it seems like this fantastic fundraiser fit the bill perfectly.

“My mobile library is more interactive than the book sale I had planned would have been, and I’ve met heaps of local residents running the library,” said Henry, “It’s been really rewarding.”

  • Posted 19 November, 2020

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