A Great Book Swap at Bilambil!

A Great Book Swap at Bilambil!

By reporters Cael Wylie and Hannah Windhorst, and Amelie Davidson, photographer - Class of 5/6E, Bilambil Public School.

To celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day, on Wednesday 2 September, 5/6E at Bilambil Public School decided to host a Great Book Swap to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

During the month of August, we have been collecting donated books from our school community.

Finally, the day of the Great Book Swap arrived! Classes poured in, as one by one by one, the students found their favourite book.

"I loved helping the kids find the right book." said Jack, 5//6E helper. 

"So far, so good!" added Grace, 5/6E helper.

After they purchased their new book with a gold coin donation, students moved outside to the newly transformed outdoor reading area. The seniors read to the younger children while upper classes settled into the comfy cushions to read to themselves. The more they read the bigger their smiles became.

"There are so many great books and good opportunities to read books you don’t normally read." said Duke.

The kids all ages were so enthusiastic about the Great Book Swap. Everyone we asked, said we should do it again next year.

"I loved it," said Ivy, "ONLY 1 DOLLAR EACH!"

All the teachers were very impressed with our achievement.

"5/6E are amazing at organizing events, I loved it." said Miss Barra.

We aimed for $500 but we suspect we got a little bit more. We are glad we hosted the Great Book Swap and are looking forward to doing it again next year.

At final count 5/6E raised $807.50 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Enormous thanks to 5/6E and Bilambil Public School for supporting our Foundation with such a fantastic Great Book Swap fundraiser!

You can register your school, library or workplace to hold a Great Book Swap here.

  • Posted 18 September, 2020

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