2019 Closing the Gap Report released

2019 Closing the Gap Report released


The 11th annual Closing the Gap report, presented to Federal Parliament this week, shows that while there has been some improvement in literacy and numeracy rates among Indigenous children, this hasn’t been enough to close the education gap. Only two out of seven targets were on track and both of these were to do with educational outcomes: early childhood education and Year 12 attainment levels.

Rates of enrolment in early childhood education have already reached the 2025 goal, with 95% of Indigenous 4-year-olds attending pre-school in 2017. But overall, educational outcomes for students in remote regions don’t match those of non-remote students. Moreover, Indigenous students in non-remote areas are also not doing as well at school as their non-Indigenous counterparts.

Peak Indigenous organisations have said that in order to close these glaring gaps in educational equity, there needs to be greater shared responsibility between Indigenous stakeholders and government bodies in implementing policies and distributing funds.

Our Foundation is committed to equity of opportunity for Indigenous children, and continues to work closely with remote communities and the organisations that service them. Learn more here.

  • Posted 16 February, 2019

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