Publishing books written by community

Through our Community Literacy Projects, we have been able to work with and publish books in many Aboriginal languages: traditional languages, vibrant languages, sleeping languages and new languages, from Walmajarri in the Kimberley region, to Arabana in South Australia, to Kriol in the Katherine region.

You can listen to some of these books being read in the language they were written in. You can also access additional resources about the language and teacher’s notes when they become available.

“Many of us take it for granted that our first experience with books will be in the language we speak. But this is not the everyday experience for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who speak Indigenous languages, traditional languages or a ‘new’ language like Kriol.”

— Denise Angelo, linguist/literacy consultant on Binjari Buk series, Australian National University

“I would like to thank the ILF for helping us to make the book in Walmajarri because it’s very important to us and for our kids to have English and Walmajarri.”

– Jessie Moora, Walmajarri Elder and Teacher, Yakanarra Community School

Listen to Hello Hello

Written and illustrated by students from Laverton, Menzies and Tjuntjuntjara remote community schools at the third Spinifex Camp, joined by ILF ambassador and award-winning illustrator Ann James and singer/songwriter Chris Aitken.


Teachers Notes for Moli det bigibigi

About the Kriol language and the Binjari Buk project

Fishing - lenimbat ola biginini

Tudei en longtaim


Wamparla Apiṟa


No Way Yirrikipayi