Josh Pyke, Justine Clarke and Deborah Cheetham record song for ILD

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

In April, ILF ambassador and singer-songwriter Josh Pyke was joined by fellow ambassadors Deborah Cheetham and Justine Clarke, along with a group of students from Sydney's Gawura School to write a song for Indigenous Literacy Day. 

On the day, Deborah Cheetham instructed the students to "continue an ancient Indigenous practise – connecting through song. 

"Think about what words can do, what they express, questions they ask, the stories they tell," Josh Pyke told the group. "Words can make the world go round."

Before the morning was out, the students had inspired a song, with that very title – Words Make The World Go Round.

The aim of the song, which will be released on Indigenous Literacy Day on September 7, is to raise funds for literacy for children in remote Indigenous communities.


  • Posted 10 April, 2016