IndigenousX Twitter Campaign raises over $10,000

IndigenousX Twitter Campaign raises over $10,000

The year was off to a flying start when Luke Pearson’s simple pledge on @IndigenousX to donate $100 to our Foundation generated more than $10,000.

Luke tweeted that if IndigenousX reached 10,000 tweets and followers,  he would personally donate 1c for each.  The response from the general community was overwhelming and the campaign received support from people of disciplines and all generations.

@IndigenousX, or ‘Indigenous Excellence’  was founded by Luke Perason as a space for Indigenous people from all walks of life to tell their stories in their own words. Each week a different Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person is invited to be a guest on the site.

Word spread quickly, with high profile celebrities such as sportswoman and ABC media announcer Liz Ellis, musicians such as Urthboy, politicians from Malcolm Fraser to Kevin Rudd and comedians such as Wendy Harmer, participating. About ten minutes before midnight (EST) Indigenous X reached its target of 10,000 followers.  At midnight, tweets had tipped well over the goal.


Huge thanks to both Luke Pearson and ILF Ambassador Anita Heiss who ran the campaign and helped to inspire a lot of interest and donations.

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photo: Luke Pearson, IndigenousX Founder

  • Posted 25 January, 2013

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