Indigenous Literacy Foundation appoints new Program Manager

Indigenous Literacy Foundation appoints new Program Manager

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of Tina Raye as its new Indigenous Program Manager. 

Tina belongs to the Bardi & Jabirr Jabirr people, north of Broome and the Arabuna people, near Lake Eyre and has worked in both urban and remote communities in the Northern Territory.  Most recently she has worked on the Tiwi Islands and in 2012 was the Accelerated Literacy Project Officer for the Arafura Directorate, for the NT Department of Education & Training.  In this role, Tina worked and travelled primarily working with six remote Indigenous schools across the Top end.  

"As a Teacher of students where English is often a second or third language, I have seen the joy that books can bring. An opportunity to experience another world, character, experiences or events which can take the students on a journey or adventure; a story that provokes emotion or action. The engagement and experiences that quality literary texts bring to students minds is truly rewarding to experience!"

Tina will take up her position in January 2013 and will be based in Sydney at the ILF Redfern offices.


  • Posted 23 November, 2012

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