Wednesday 2 September 2020 - a national celebration! 

On September 2, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) held two Indigenous Literacy Day events, amassing an estimated Australian wide audience of over 500,000 viewers.  This is a record-breaking event for a charity who pre-COVID, had hosted the annual celebration at the Sydney Opera House with a few hundred participants including students from remote communities.

If you missed the events, don't worry, you can access them here. 

The ILD Main Event - is a 40-minute visual story, sharing insights from ILF ambassadors and supporters such as Anita Heiss, Andy Griffiths and Archie Roach and a stunning performance of My Island Home by Jessica Mauboy. Viewers can access the full video or short segments of the video on our YouTube Channel.

The Education Event for primary and early learners (3 -11 years of age) is a 25-minute event, featuring Jessica Mauboy, Justine Clarke, Cheryl Lardy and Andy Griffiths, with a book reading in Kriol and English, a melody in Tiwi, Mangarrayi and English and songs and activities with author, performer and musician Gregg Dreise.  Teacher resources are available for this event. The event can be accessed via Dart Connections

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Other Ways to Contribute

If you are a school, bookseller, publisher, library, business, organisation or individual, you can also contribute and celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day every year by: