Indigenous Literacy Day - More than a Day

Inspiring short video stories for all ages

Indigenous Literacy Day (ILD), is proudly presented by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 

The 2021 theme, Celebrating Stories and Language, provides a window into the richness, diversity, and multilingual world of First Nations peoples. Audiences can select from over 60 inspiring, short video stories by storytellers including Jessica Mauboy, Gregg Dreise, Wayne Quilliam, Archie Roach, Anita Heiss, four young, newly published graphic novelists plus stories and animations from children and Elders from remote communities and organisations such as SharingStories Foundation, SNAICC, First Languages Australia and many more. All video stories are available at

For school audiences 

For primary schools and early learners (4-11), teachers and parents can register for a special, free 25-minute pre-recorded event presented by dynamic performer and author Gregg Dreise, with a special guest appearance by Australia’s favourite pop singer Jessica Mauboy. This event is hosted by the Sydney Opera House; simply register here and download complimentary learning resources. 

Learning workshops 

To celebrate ILD, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation has invited six highly talented individuals including some of our Ambassadors and  ILF supporters to create a unique learning workshop. Each brings to their workshop their incredible expertise in a fun and engaging way - straight to your classroom, office or home. Fees range from $2 per student to $20 per adult with proceeds supporting ILF's three core programs in 2022. Learn more

Other Ways to Contribute

If you are a school, bookseller, publisher, library, business, organisation or individual, you can also contribute and celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day every year by:

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