ILF's First Visit to Tjuntjuntjara

ILF's First Visit to Tjuntjuntjara

Ann James, children’s author and illustrator, will travel out to Tjuntjuntjara with our Foundation next week to run workshops with children and community members. Tjuntjuntjara is a remote community in the Great Victoria Desert, about 700 kilometres east of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. The The community here speak Pitjantjatjara and were among the first group of people who were removed from their homelands in the 1950s and 60s due to nuclear testing at Woomera.  

Tjuntjuntjara Remote Community School was founded in the late 80s when the community was established.  Last year, we were proud to publish stories written by the students in a book called How Does Your Garden Grow? The book was inspired by Lachie Coman, a young Melbourne school boy and our inaugural School Ambassador.   We were proud to celebrate its publication on Indigenous Literacy Day last year at the Sydney Opera House where the Tjuntjuntjara students sang and read their stories.  

How Does Your Garden Grow? is one of 37 community literacy projects which we have funded and published in partnerships over the past three years.

Our first visit will focus on engaging and talking to the community and supporting the development of early literacy in through Buzz and Book Supply. 

Read more about HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW here.

  • Posted 20 June, 2014

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