ILF Launches Christmas Appeal

ILF Launches Christmas Appeal

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation has launched its Christmas Appeal to raise over $20,000 to supply literacy packs to remote communities across Australia. 

ILF Ambassador Anita Heiss, prolific author and member of the Wiradjuri nation of central New South Wales, appealed to the generousity of Australians in her special message:  "If you can't imagine your holiday season without a good book,can you imagine what it would be like to have every season without one?

I can't and that's why I support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.  I hope you will too".



    "Literacy is crucial to the acquisition, by every child, youth and adult, of essential life skills that enable them to address the challenges they can face in life, and represents an essential step in basic education, which is an indispensable means for effective participation in the societies and economies of the twenty-first century"

    - The UN Literacy Decade Resolution

Make a donation to ILF in lieu of a gift this Christmas. Help us send books & literacy resources to remote Indigenous communities where they are needed the most.


  • Posted 02 November, 2012

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