You can help our Foundation to continue its vital work in
remote Indigenous Communities. Here’s how.


A donation of $30 can buy three culturally relevant books for remote Communities. $400 buys packs of 40 books. $500 helps translate stories into First Languages. 


Individuals or businesses can help by running an event, donating a percentage of sales, or auctioning goods. 


Become a partner and help us achieve our goals. Find out how your business can change the lives of children in very remote areas through sponsorship. 


 Join our army of volunteers and find out how a few hours can be inspirational. 


Leaving something for future generations in your will makes a lasting difference to many young lives. 

Great Book Swap

Schools, businesses and organisations can host a Great Book Swap. Just swap one of your favourite books for someone else’s for a donation. 

Indigenous Literacy Day

A day to celebrate First Nations stories, cultures and languages. Held annually on the first Wednesday in September. All information about Indigenous Literacy Day can be found here.

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